#Bonus [ BODY IS A TEMPLE ] Relaxing Water Meditation

November 02, 2021 Kari.Life.Art
#Bonus [ BODY IS A TEMPLE ] Relaxing Water Meditation
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Show Notes

This is deep relaxing water meditation.  Brings calmness, peace and detox. I recommend to do it at the end of the day, before going to sleep. You can also do it during the day, if you need extra powers. Just be mindful that you will need couple of minutes after to come back fully to your awareness and be ready for the duties.  It's like a reset for body and mind.

Water - this is what we are made of. They say 70/80% of our body is water. Do you pay attention to during quality water during day?  What is your relationship with water? Do you spend lot of time in pools, lakes, oceans?

I use water to calm and detox your body in this meditation. I also show you how you can talk with your body. How you can listen what is saying to you. The body is te most advanced technology on earth. It can heal it self, recharge itself,  is a walking living battery and antenna for all that is in the universe.

Body is a Temple for your spirit. Your spirit only can do as much as your body can. Treat it as a temple.


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