#052 [ BODY IS A TEMPLE ] Magic of Cacao and Sound Ceremonies with Ricardo Mones Valverde

August 17, 2021 Ricardo Mones Valverde
#052 [ BODY IS A TEMPLE ] Magic of Cacao and Sound Ceremonies with Ricardo Mones Valverde
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More about Ricardo:
Using voice and instrumentals to connect with the divine, Ricardo shares the tools and spiritual modalities he has acquired through his own journey as a sound healer and artist. Born in Cancun, Ricardo has spent the last decade studying with master healers across Latin America. After a 10-year career in corporate marketing, he embarked on a path of alignment which led him to assist with the production of healing events and collaborating with healing centers such as The Yoga Forest, Akalki holistic center, Casa Om, Casa Muyal, Casa Shiva. 

Feeling a call to music since his childhood, Ricardo returned to the medicine of songs and mantras during his own spiritual awakening at the age of 29. This return to his essence through the power of instrumentals helped him forge a stronger connection with himself and the divine. Learning from renowned healers such as Jaya and Saraswati has further strengthened his understanding of the power of sound and vibration. By expressing our voice in its truest form, Ricardo believes that we can transcend the mind and connect with the heart. This heart connection creates a new reality that helps us return to the essence of who we really are. 

Through his expression of voice, Ricardo has cultivated healing for ceremonial spaces through the combination of song, instrumentals and plants such as the heart-opening medicine of Cacao.

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