#049 [ BODY IS A TEMPLE ] Alchemise suffering into wisdom with Nina Hayes

July 26, 2021 Nina Hayes
#049 [ BODY IS A TEMPLE ] Alchemise suffering into wisdom with Nina Hayes
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About the show

Holistic health for me means dealing with challenges in a healthy way. Nina experience a lot of them nice very young age. She was struggling for years with a digestive issues that lead to more than 20 major surgeries. What started as bad tummy aches around 16 turned into weekly trips to the ER, and traveling the county to searching medical specialists who could help. A large portion of her 20’s and 30’s she spent in hospitals or at home either preparing or healing from surgeries.

Her story is a great inspiration. Her will to survive and thrive is incredible. 

Currently Nina Hayes is an Advanced Certified Yoga Teacher, International Retreat Leader, and Spiritual Coach. 

She has transcended a life-threatening medical condition and alchemized her suffering into wisdom that catalyses healing others.

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