#048 [ BODY IS A TEMPLE ] Girl Gang & Tantra with Alyssa (Ally) Cavosie

July 19, 2021 Alyssa (Ally) Cavosie
#048 [ BODY IS A TEMPLE ] Girl Gang & Tantra with Alyssa (Ally) Cavosie
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Ally (like an alligator 🐊) is a creator of Girl Gang! Passionate about bringing people together. She believes in the law of reciprocity; trusting the universe has my back every step of the way. She lives to experience and learn. She is a yogi, a health junkie and a creative mind.

When I was on my way to Mexico for a first time in my life and I knew I will stay there long, Ally was the reason why I choose Tulum. Her Girl Gang announcement and yoga class movie bought my heart and I felt that this is a place where I will feel safe as I was traveling alone in this one of the most dangerous countries in the world.

Ally is for me a leaden in building a community. She knows everyone by name always, she is super companioned and supportive. 

It was a journey for her to get to this place. She used to waked in a corporate world in New Your City. She is sharing her story in the podcast so true in! 

Enjoy the show!

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