#047 [ BODY IS A TEMPLE ] Why softness is a real strength with Ricardo Castro

July 12, 2021 Ricardo Castro
#047 [ BODY IS A TEMPLE ] Why softness is a real strength with Ricardo Castro
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I’m so happy I had Ricardo in the BODY IS A TEMPLE podcast because he talks from the male perspective about building relationship with your body and understand it not only building big muscles. He explain how you can make straight out of softness and venerability. 

Ricardo developed his passion for bodily movement and its interaction with spirit and mind through Martial Arts, which was his first meet with meditation practices. 

From the technical aspects of Martial Arts, Ricardo began exploring deeper into body mechanics and awareness, which eventually turned into a Mobility and Calisthenics practice. As he noticed that effective strength comes, not only from moving, but moving properly, Yoga became the vehicle to improve his alignment in Calisthenics as well as proper breathing in Martial Arts and immediately woke Ricardo’s love with it’s focus on balancing body and mind. 
With a particular approach into practice that involves both holds and flow, Yin and Yang, 

Ricardo turns a Yoga session into a fun combination of effective strength and flexibility that dance along with the breath and proper recovery. The above aiming to prepare the body to help the mind easily go into a deeper practice, by activating and balancing it’s energy/chi flow, while at the same time building a solid base for other Yoga styles and day to day activities.As a yogi, both on and off the mat, Ricardo declares himself a perpetual student, always open to learn different ways and points of view to grow his practice. This can come from different styles of yoga, or even other disciplines in movement.

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