#046 [ BODY IS A TEMPLE ] How to connect with your heart with Kyla Williams

July 05, 2021 Kyla Williams
#046 [ BODY IS A TEMPLE ] How to connect with your heart with Kyla Williams
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Abut the guest

Heart Guided Visionary and Co-Founder of Amrita Rose Temple 

Living through heart guided by Spirit in service of Love, Truth, Beauty & Pleasure.

Specialising in the facilitation of embodying one's power, voice, Truth, gifts, purpose, and living in alignment with the heart.

Combining over twenty years of professional experience and training in yoga (womb, pregnancy, kundalini, meditation, and breathwork), holistic therapy (womb/ abdominal/ pregnancy/ Ayurvedic/ aromatherapy/ Swedish massage), spiritual midwifery (prenatal/ postnatal doula), tantra (sound, movement, breath), energy healing, hypnotherapy, raw/ vegan nutrition, sacred ceremony and rites of passage.

She is passionate about raising the consciousness of the world through the invitation to fall in Love with the full spectrum of one's humanity, unifying then Divine within and transforming everything that is no longer serving each individual in order for them to step into the fullness of who they are, unlocking their inner wisdom, souls' signature, and gifts that only they can bring.

Offering tailored private sessions, workshops, retreats, and training around the world.




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