#045 [ BODY IS A TEMPLE ] Becoming the Innerpreneur with Alex Reyes-Ortiz

June 28, 2021 Alex Reyes-Ortiz
#045 [ BODY IS A TEMPLE ] Becoming the Innerpreneur with Alex Reyes-Ortiz
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Who is Alex?

Business Consultant, Speaker, Author, and Coach born in Mexico and brought up as a world citizen between Spain and England. His career goes from education in Architecture, Interior Design, International Business and a Global Strategy together with his multiple trainings around the world in the spiritual side as Priestess of Avalon, Priest of the Goddess and Priest of the Sophia-Christos.

Alex was in fashion industry as CEO for a couple of companies, Creative Director for Pronovias Barcelona whilst teaching spirituality on the side. He was giving talks and conferences in Europe in the business world and spiritual world and notice that he talks about same thing to different audience. He then quit the corporate world and merged the two sides in a method he developed. We talk bout this his method and book that will be released in a couple of months.

Alex Journey

“Many steppingstones have led me for becoming the complete and whole man I am today. The claim of being King of my own realm through the sublimation of events in my life that have taken me into the deepest darkness of my feminine to arise again in light and oneness. Sharing this is my mission so I’ve developed a method weaving in ancient mystery school’s wisdom with practical business approaches to be applied into our current days. Through the understanding of archetypes, cycles and how everything is connected with nature we fill in the blanks together so that the many times vicious cycles shapeshift into ascending spirals in any area of your life.”

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