#044 [ BODY IS A TEMPLE ] Sonic-ceuticals, Vibration, Optimal Human Performance and Bioharmonic Technologies with Dr.Vibe

June 11, 2021 Dr. Steven Schwartz know as Dr.Vibe
#044 [ BODY IS A TEMPLE ] Sonic-ceuticals, Vibration, Optimal Human Performance and Bioharmonic Technologies with Dr.Vibe
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It always gives me chills when I’m meeting people who actually putting in place in a real technology the vision of healthy abundant world that I have. We already have knowledge and technologies to truly thrive on this planet, be healthy, live long and be young longer. 

Meet Dr. Steven Schwartz know as Dr.V.I.B.E. that stands for Vibrational Individualised Body
Enhancement System. 

Dr. Schwartz have years of experience working with frequency and vibrations not only to heal his clients but also to help them perform on higher level in life. We are talking about his sonic - ceuticals that can be also called as a sound medicine. He explain the meaning of sonic - ceuticals in the podcast. We also talk about Biharmonic Technology that use sound and vibrating bed as a therapy. 

Dr. Schwartz is true solder of love and human hight performance. He knows that the more we invest in our own greatness, the more humanity can evolve as a collective.

Enjoy the show and visit his website:

Where can I find more?

Who is Dr. Steven Schwartz?
Dr. Steven Schwartz is the founder and President of Bioharmonic Technologies, which is a human optimization technology and therapeutic music company created to raise the vibration of the planet and harmonize humanity using sound, light, frequency, and vibration.

Since 2000, he has been specializing in the bioenergetic correction of systemic inflammatory conditions, autoimmune diseases, allergies, and chronic pain, as well as the optimization of human performance.

He has been the clinic director and chief over-seeing practitioner of numerous multidisciplinary alternative integrative medicine facilities throughout Colorado.

Dr. Steven studied Sports Medicine and Biology at Northeastern University in Boston, Massachusetts and holds a Doctorate of Chiropractic degree

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