#043 [ BODY IS A TEMPLE ] The ultimate guide to women Cycle Syncing with Nicole Bendayan

June 07, 2021 Nicole Bendayan
#043 [ BODY IS A TEMPLE ] The ultimate guide to women Cycle Syncing with Nicole Bendayan
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Show Notes

So so so so exited to have Nicole on the podcast. This episode must be listen by every women even if you feel you know it all about your cycle I’m sure you can still learn more.

This episode will provide you information about what to eat and when to eat according to your cycle. Also you will learn about optimising your PMS syndromes and how to manage your cycle to have holistically fulfilling life.

Women cycle is our super power. We can navigate creativity, discipline, relationship life by balancing and following the cycle. This will give not only more physical energy but success at your work and relations. 

I first started to optimising my cycle according also to moon phases. This is not a woo woo theory. Nicole explain on solid science why our cycle sucking matters.

Who is Nicole?
Cycle-Syncing Nutritionist, Nicole Bendayan helps women overcome the havoc caused by hormones and their cycle to turn it into their superpower by balancing hormones, supporting their bodies and predicting their cycles through nutrition and lifestyle synchronization.

Like so many other women that often suffer in silence or are dismissed by the healthcare system, Nicole had to navigate the pain, cognitive frustration and hormonal symptoms caused by her cycle with little direction toward information. She has since accumulated multiple certifications such as Nutrition and Health: Macronutrients and Overnutrition and Nutrition and Health: Micronutrients and Malnutrition from WageningenX University & Research as well as Integrative Health Fundamentals from Nutraphoria School of Holistic Nutrition to become a Certified Nutritionist and directed her focus toward feminine hormonal health, where she is continuing to study Advanced Holistic Nutrition. 

She uses her education and experience to help women one on one to tailor their nutrition and lifestyle to their individual needs and cycles so they can reduce negative symptoms caused by hormones and thrive both personally and professionally. Nicole was recently interviewed for Authority Magazine and about the work she does and being a woman in wellness. She also loves to educate others on nutrition and cycle synchronization through social media, podcast features, and other outlets. 

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