#041 [ BODY IS A TEMPLE ] Looking for alignment in life with Yana

May 21, 2021 Yana
#041 [ BODY IS A TEMPLE ] Looking for alignment in life with Yana
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My guest in this episode is Yana, Aligned Flow Yoga teacher in Tulum. Originally from Russia, Saint-Petersburg. Yana is sharing her story about looking for alignment in life. Living in many different paces, working in the jobs that did not satisfy her. Traveling and studying in different places in Europe and Mexico before before she found this paradise on earth called Tulum where she decided to base.

She did  her Aligned Flow Yoga teacher training here in Tulum. She is developing in students the ability to connect to the postures and practice on an individual level. In this style there is no right or wrong way to be in a posture and yoga poses aren't  viewed from the aesthetically point of view, but rather with such a mindset that you are human first, yogi second. 

She teach classes from me  the heart and for everyone ❤️

Yana is sharing her journey through social expectations and depression to living happy fulfilling life. She had to make many hard decisions on the way.  Change countries, leave her family and friends behind. Transform her career and mindset. 

This is an amazing story worth listening to. Enjoy the show!.

More about Yana:

Aligned Flow Yoga Movement

Ahau Collecion where she is assistant of the wellness director

Studio Sol in Tulum she coordinates events

Book she mentioned
"The Mastery of Love: A Practical Guide to the Art of Relationship: A Toltec Wisdom Book" 

Soulful Festival in Tulum - 10% off with this link

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