#039 [ BODY IS A TEMPLE ] The power of sound healing with Janelle Adayna

May 05, 2021 Kari.Life.Art
#039 [ BODY IS A TEMPLE ] The power of sound healing with Janelle Adayna
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Super sorry for a little distortions at the beginning. Learning how to operate new equipment.

Adayna Janelle has been travelling the globe for the last seven years. Backpacking and living in different places such as; Thailand, Bali, Cambodia, Lebanon, South America, Europe, India & more. She’s taken her life experience & lessons in love and communication and  transmuted it into her practice of healing. 

Adayna Janelle is a Registered Yoga Teacher with 500 hours of training, which she completed in Goa, India. She specialises in traditional Hatha, Ashtanga & Yin. She teaches corporate, group & private sessions.

Adayna Janelle is a certified Reiki Master. Her love for facilitating & holding space for people to heal themselves, is what compelled her to first start her energy practice. Her reiki adjustments in yoga classes help promote a deeper sense of healing and self love. 

Janelle also infuses her sound healing with reiki. Directing pure light and love energy into her crystal sound bowls she uses audio tones and vibrational frequencies to help repair damaged tissues and cells within the body.

Enjoy this beautiful interview about power of reiki, sound healing and yoga. 

Her energy is so beautiful and peaceful and I’m sure just listening to her voice will make you to feel better. 

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