#032 [ BODY IS A TEMPLE ] Discovering Health with Eugene Leventhal

November 03, 2020 Eugene Leventhal
#032 [ BODY IS A TEMPLE ] Discovering Health with Eugene Leventhal
Show Notes

In this episode you are going to hear Eugene journey to health. From a very young age he was struggling with all kinds of digestive issues, mental like depression and anxiety, also last summer he got lyme disease. 

He is sharing his experience about diet and lifestyle changes that helped him to overcome health problems and feel better.

This is an amazing story for me because he talks about cultural and social influence on his health problems. This is very close to my heart and one of the reasons why I started BODY IS TEMPLE PODCAST. I think we got really disconnected with our bodies in modern society and my mission is to help people to reconnect with our bodies. Your physical health is a very tangible manifestation of your actual consciousness. Matter is a condensation of consciousness . Your body is made of matter. Therefore the health, the shape and the vitality of your body is the manifestation of  your dominant thoughts, beliefs and behaviours. 

Eugene approached his problems from a very practical point of view. He talks about tests and medical protocols he was on, in his journey to health. We live in this space and time and we have amazing modern tools we can use to improve our health. However at the end of the day no-one is living in your body and you need to learn how to build a relationship with it.

I hope you will get inspired with this story! 

Eugene’s Short Bio

Eugene turned 32 this year. He was born in Moscow when Russia was still the USSR. He lived most of his life in NYC or right around it, but also has lived abroad (Hong Kong) for a few years. Now is his 4th year in Pittsburgh, where he first moved out to do his master's degree. After finishing a public policy and management degree in May 2019, he got a job at the university (Carnegie Mellon). He works as project manager at the university between Heinz College and CyLab Security and Privacy Institute. For Heinz he produced a podcast, for CyLab partnerships relating to IoT, blockchain, and other technologies. Most of his life he experiences health problems, especially GI related issues, since he's been a little kid. Sleeping issues around the age of 13, sensitive stomach got a lot worse in his early twenties, and he's dealt with depression and anxiety since teenage years. He got Lyme disease earlier this year and the medicine that he had to take for that really messed up GI health. He's tried all kinds of diets - gluten-free, GAPS, low FODMAP, SCD, carnivore for ~6 weeks this summer,  keto etc. He is still at a point where he almost never sleeps 6 hours without waking up. He prioritises diet and GI health, as well as working to improve mental health.

Over the years he learned how to build relationships with his body and that health is not only a treatment or a pill but also a lifestyle.

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