#064 [ BODY IS A TEMPLE ] How to be resilient and adapt to every situation with David Falco

February 03, 2023 KariLifeArtMagic
#064 [ BODY IS A TEMPLE ] How to be resilient and adapt to every situation with David Falco
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Show Notes

In this episode, David is sharing these techniques and tools to cultivate the skill of resilience and adaptation that help him deal with life challenges. He is also sharing his vulnerable story about relation with alcohol and how it influences his life.

40 yr old father of 1 autistic son & a first daughter this last Dec.

I came from a divorced household at 7 years old, hopping around 19 different residences from different homes, apartment buildings, trailer park, grandparents & girlfriends' homes, and even a church parsonage. This eliminated any sense of a "home" or stability from a family aspect. Ran away from home 2x due to the complications of a broken family and simply pure rebellion of authority.

With over 16 years of experience in the fitness industry with no 'formal' education in exercise science, I went from making a mere 15$ a session in the beginning to now having a multiple-year multi 6 figure online program that spans over the United States, Italy, and Korea.

Historically, my life has always been a constant of adjustments and adapting. Over the last 3 years in the fitness industry with the pandemic presented a huge challenge professionally by making a pivot from in person training, to online.

For 5 Months I watched our funds bleed out. What made it even more stressful is our first child Zaymund was born in May that same year, just 7 weeks after the lockdowns.

This was just the beginning of our challenges that year. Our dog (Which Sasha loved like a child) had passed away a few months after Zaymund was born, She also got laid off from her job WHILE on Maternity leave. And lastly, her grandfather had to have his leg amputated in July that same year. We weren't even allowed to visit inside the hospital for support due to the pandemic. All in all, That year was definitely a huge challenge for us to make adjustments moving forward.

Currently my biggest adjustment is living alcohol free. I drank from the age of 19-40. I Came to the realization after making MANY mistakes that the problems were bigger than the 'rewards'. Everything positive in my life was jeopardized by alcohol. My relationship, my business, my fitness. I ended up in jail 3x bc of my misuse. It's a vice I've had to overcome and still battle with mentally.

My mission now is to create individuals who redefine their circumstances as BLESSINGS rather than burdens. I help them build courage to pursue their goals, and reframe their minds by identifying & overcoming their limiting beliefs & self sabotage to achieve higher levels of self worth and success.

I currently have 8 one hundred lb losers on the resume creating a new one every 2 years. (9 lbs away from number 9). I've helped people reduce their medications, revive their relationships with not only themselves but their family members, and evolve individuals' mindset from victim to trailblazer, by using a simple step by step comprehensive empirical approach that utilizes data to expedite the process of accomplishing their dreams.

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