#063 [ BODY IS A TEMPLE ] Dreaming Earth into existence with Stacey Murphy

January 15, 2023 KariLifeArtMagic
#063 [ BODY IS A TEMPLE ] Dreaming Earth into existence with Stacey Murphy
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Show Notes

Imagine infinite possibilities for peace and prosperity here on our home planet. If you can dream it, we can build it.  Discover leading-edge ideas harmonizing nature and technology in all areas: food, infrastructure, energy, and the department formerly called “waste.”

This is Stacey's YouTube channel description.

I met her in Puerto Escondido, and I was super inspired by her approach to the holistic lifestyle that also includes business and leadership. Her area of expertise is sustainable agriculture. This is very close to my heart because what I eat is important. I strongly believe that we can create a world where we thrive and where we are connected to nature and take care of the planet.

Stacey shares her story of creating a business aligned with a holistic approach and sustainability. How to listen to the whispers of your souls and make your dreams happen.

Enjoy the show!

Stacey Murphy is an award winning serial entrepreneur, impact investor, and the Founder of Rainbow Spiderwebs, the think tank that helps mission driven organizations exceed the 2030 U.N. climate initiatives with emerging technology.

Her experience starting BK Farmyards, a decentralized urban farming network in Brooklyn, led her to consult start-ups using leading edge technology to incentivize clean air, clean water, regenerative agriculture and sustainable living for the planet. Her upcoming book Dreaming Earth: Ideas Inspiring Planetary Cooperation helps organizations transition with ease into a brand new era of the internet.

Stacey has been featured in Fast Company, New York Magazine, New York Times, BBC, Good, Martha Stewart Radio, David Letterman, PBS and two TEDx talks on the future of food.


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