#062 [ BODY IS A TEMPLE ] Tapping, Sustainability, Holistic Habits and Helping Community with Caitlin

January 07, 2023 KariLifeArtMagic
#062 [ BODY IS A TEMPLE ] Tapping, Sustainability, Holistic Habits and Helping Community with Caitlin
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Show Notes

I am always thrilled when I can spend time and connect with powerful women. Caitlin is one of them. Even though the main topic of the conversation is how to use tapping to cope with stress and improve your life, it is not the only thing she does.

I met Caitlin in Puerto Escondido, where she has lived for almost 12 years. Her way here was exciting.  She shares her story about burnout and challenges along the way.

We also discuss best holistic practices and rituals, sustainable living, helping the local community in Mexico, and changing the world for the better!

Enjoy the show!

Who is Caitlin?
Caitlin Padgett is a coach and therapist with 11 years of experience working online and hosting in-person experiences in Puerto Escondido, Mexico.
She is a certified holistic health and EFT/tapping coach. She is also the founder of ñuu, a coworking and co-living community.
She loves to dance and spend time in nature and with her daughter Luna Azul.

You can find out more about Caitlin and her projects here:
@theycallmecatalina (general, EFT, and lots of dancing ;)
@nuu_rinconada (beautiful coworking space in Puerto Escondido)
@nuu_puertecito (coliving, coworking, and wellness retreat in development in Puertecito)
@helpinghands_pe (volunteer-run community service organization)



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