# 061 [THE BODY IS A TEMPLE ] Sound Healing And Cacao Ceremonies with Alexi

December 13, 2022 Kari.Life.Art
# 061 [THE BODY IS A TEMPLE ] Sound Healing And Cacao Ceremonies with Alexi
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Show Notes

Back to podcasting after a few months break. I'll record some solo episodes soon about what was happening during that time.

I'm very happy to be back in service to everyone who is following and listening to BODY IS A TEMPLE.

This episode is about cacao and sound healing. Alexi is sharing her personal journey of holistic healing.  We've connected here in Puerto Escondido in, Mexico, where she offers many ceremonies and healing modalities.

From Switzerland to Mexico. Enjoy the show with Alexi.

Alexi' BIO and approach sharma

Inner turmoil and physical discomfort brought me to yoga in Nepal and later to other bodywork practices like Emotional Bodywork. The moments of pause and conscious concentration makes my body stronger and more resistant. It makes me feel more comfortable in my skin. With this experience I found myself closer to myself and learn to create a balance on an emotional, intellectual and physical level.

 In Mexico and Peru I studied plant medicine and was able to deepen my Mexican roots at the same time. The paths of plant medicine and shamanism are sometimes mysterious, but I am learning to walk them with love, ease and humility.

 With my sharma approach I combine karma with shamanism. Karma describes the concept that every action, physical and spiritual, has a consequence. These consequences can express themselves in different ways and are particularly evident on the physical and material levels. The core idea of shamanism is that every living being - plant, animal and human - carries an energy within itself. Thus we are always moving in the world of energy and in the mystery of life and the universe.

sharma  combines karma in the form of bodywork such as yoga and emotional bodywork with shamanism and sound healing. The material reality and also the energy world are thus taken into account. This means healing and benefit for body, mind and soul.

​sharma is my personal way of practising spirituality authentically. One foot in the groundedness of the material world and one foot in the mysteries of life and the universe.

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