#058 [BODY IS A TEMPLE] How to live Bigger Better Braver Life with Nancy Pickard

March 28, 2022 Nancy Pickard
#058 [BODY IS A TEMPLE] How to live Bigger Better Braver Life with Nancy Pickard
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Show Notes

Nancy is a woman with a story. She had a perfect life, but..... at one point it collapsed totally and she had to reinvent herself. 

Prior to her work as a coach, she owned and operated a personal training gym called Tight Ends Inc. She knows what it takes to help people achieve big goals. She holds multiple personal training certifications and has focused on health and wellness for almost 20 years. Her path towards coaching was a natural evolution—she has a BS in Psychology and an MS in Education.

What inspires her do to this transition in life was her own divorce and personal challenges.  This is how she started to discover ways to live Bigger Better Braver Life.

In 2017, she traveled alone in Thailand and Vietnam and undertook her biggest challenge, climbing Kilimanjaro at the age of 61. Coaching others to step out of fear and into bigger versions of themselves is her passion.

She is the mother of two grown sons and an active grandmother to three beautiful granddaughters and a one-year-old grandson. She is an avid hiker, biker, skier, and yogi.

We are talking about how to uncover your biggest limiting beliefs and transform them into your biggest motivation. 


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