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Welcome to podcast Body is a Temple by @KariLifeArtMagic. This podcast comes from my big passion to inspire people to LIVE LONGER AND LOOK YOUNGER. My mission with the podcast is to make you more aware that the only place you live in, and you should take care of, is YOUR BODY. You can lose everything, money, house, car, even friends and family but if you lose your body you literally are not here any longer. The body that we live in is an amazing machine. It can recharge itself during sleeping, it can heal itself over time. It gives you an opportunity to achieve anything that you want in your life but only as long as you are healthy. With this podcast, I want to bring you knowledge and inspiration on how to prolong your life and also your health span.My name is Karina. I transformed my party lifestyle through yoga & holistic health. I was working in corporate work in marketing for many years. Over time I realize that fulfilling social expectations is not making me happy. I started to learn about health, nutrition, exercise, and spirituality. Moved out from Poland to Iceland then to Mexico, Tulum. Currently in travel. Learning, working, living my best life. I'm sharing my passion for health and consciousness on the podcast BODY IS A TEMPLE. Inspiring others to live a fulfilling life!